A magical afternoon with “A Bela Adormecida”

Tomorrow, at the invitation of the Luis Figo Foundation, and in compliance with the traditional Christmas celebration, over a hundred children and young people from different institutions will attend Felipe La Feria’s new show, “Sleeping Beauty,” in what promises to be a magical afternoon.

This musical for the whole family tells a beautiful story of love and courage, carrying a message of humanity and the timeless values of life, tolerance, and love for others for the construction of a better, more compassionate world, filled with hope and joy.

Children and young people from various services of the Santa Casa da Misericórdia de Lisboa, the REMAR Association, and the Monte da Caparica EB 1 School will be the guests of honor to experience an unforgettable day.

🌟 Everything is prepared for the afternoon to be a true fairy tale! 🌟

Pass it on.

Pass it on

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