A melhor forma de começar o ano é com saúde à mesa!

The best way to start the year is with health on the table!

The Luís Figo Foundation, Costa Verde, Dentsu Creative, and illustrator André Letria have joined forces to create a Solidarity Campaign aimed at improving the eating habits of the younger generation. It’s an urgent Cause in a country that ranks among the highest in child obesity rates in Europe. Bringing proverbs to the table in a fun and easy-to-remember way for everyone, good practices are recalled at mealtime. A collection of 750 pieces, from which the funds raised will go towards baskets of healthy food to be offered to families in more vulnerable contexts, supported by the Cova do Mar Association.

Feed this Cause Bon appétit!

You can acquire the collection through the link in the bio or on the websites of the Luís Figo Foundation and Costa Verde https://fundacaoluisfigo.pt/

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