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Message from the FLF President

Sport in general and football in particular are passion, a phenomenon of universal language.


Putting this strength and capacity for mass mobilization at the service of social and humanitarian causes was the matrix for the creation of my Foundation.

I was in full professional activity and, associated with my profession, I was also subject to a great media exposure. In this sense, I have always been aware that this media coverage, the work done, and the figure of a professional soccer player was, and is, seen as an “example” for many children and young people.

I believe that having a socially responsible conduct is everyone’s “mission”, but I recognize that public figures, due to the “power” they have in promoting and triggering certain types of actions and behaviours, can certainly provide more help in the various areas of society in favour of those who need it most.

Therefore, my objective was to put into practice this attitude of social responsibility, guiding and gathering efforts, resources and synergies to support causes, projects and activities dedicated to children and young people who live in Portugal, but also across borders, and who belong to disadvantaged backgrounds, who suffer from serious illnesses or who are at risk of social exclusion.


The ever-present purpose is to carry out judicious, consistent and credible work that contributes to the creation of more opportunities and to better social inclusion with the affirmation of a citizenship that cannot be denied to them.

The “legacy” is to receive and pass on, as it happens on the pitch, is to share that love for football with the love and respect for life.

To all of you, I leave my invitation on behalf of the Luís Figo Foundation: join us, get to know our work and let yourself be led by the gratifying feeling of solidarity with the children and young people of the World.


Thank you very much!

The Foundation

The Luís Figo Foundation, whose head office can be found in Lisbon, was founded by means of public deed on the 13 of March 2003, at Lisbon’s 5th Notary as a Legal Individual of Private Law, as non-profit organization, able to create Delegations or other forms of representation here or abroad.

The establishment of the Luís Figo Foundation has materialized the attitude of citizenship and social responsibility that Luís Figo has always assumed throughout his career, reflecting his concern to support relevant causes in Portugal and abroad.

Since its creation, the Luís Figo Foundation has been developing relevant and thorough work in the field of social intervention in order to achieve the goals that are at its origin and are enshrined in its statutes.

Acting in cooperation with civil society organizations, private companies, and governmental bodies, the Luís Figo Foundation develops its activities in the areas of Health, Education, Sports, and Social Integration.

The Luís Figo Foundation, despite being a legally recognized entity, does not enjoy any status of public utility, and therefore does not benefit, nor has ever benefited from any support or fund of a public nature, nor any tax or welfare exemption or reduction.

Luís Figo is the founder and face of the Foundation with his name.


The Luís Figo Foundation’s mission is based on the development, implementation and collaboration in causes, projects and initiatives that aim to contribute to the improvement of living conditions and the creation of opportunities for the most disadvantaged children and young people. Whether they are in this condition due to illness, with or without disabilities, social exclusion or due to their socio-economic situation.


To be a reference as an entity promoting social cohesion and integration, generating a positive social impact in the construction of a more humanist society.


Transparency – Credibility – Accuracy – Solidarity – Social Responsibility

Statutory bodies

Foundation’s President

Luís Filipe Madeira Caeiro Figo

Board of Directors

Luís Filipe Madeira Caeiro Figo

Tomás Vitorino de Castro Froes

Juan Manuel Morales Alonso

José Ricardo Lopes Abrantes

Executive Commission

Luís Filipe Madeira Caeiro Figo

Aureliano Oliveira das Neves

Tomás Vitorino de Castro Froes

Board of Trustees

Maria Isabel Torres Baptista Parreira Jonet

Abraão Salomão Kacan Kolinski

Ricardo Manuel da Silva Sá Pinto

Board Advisor

Sónia Madeira Martins da Silva Rocha

Single Auditor

PKF & Associados, SROC, Lda.

Sociedade de Revisores Oficiais de Contas

José de Sousa Santos (ROC n.º 804 / CMVM n.º 20160434)



Irene Dias Brazinha (CC nº 40749)

Institutional Partners