Fundação Luís Figo went to Fábrica dos Sonhos – Associação Cova do Mar

The school year is already underway… and alongside studying and school routines is free time, which is equally important for learning and physical and emotional well-being.

With this purpose, the Luís Figo Foundation went to Fábrica dos Sonhos – Associação Cova do Mar, to deliver several surprises to children and young people.
The official footballs of the Portuguese Football Federation, autographed by all the players of the National Team, delighted the boys. Also equipped with their new shirts, they were ready to play outdoors as a team and enjoy their new gifts.
The girls were excited about their new rubber band games, a classic that is still current and that all of them and their peers started playing right away.
Among other gifts, the FLF Como, Como? The Secret of the Pyramid was another stimulus, a board game whose theme is the promotion of healthy lifestyle habits.
In groups, have fun while learning!

The common objective, FLF and Fábrica dos Sonhos, is that recreational times are freer, with greater coexistence and communication between children and young people, removing them from the excessive use of electronic equipment and social isolation, promoting healthy and empathetic relationships.

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