Partnership Luís Figo Foundation, Eugénio de Leite Foundation and Benfica Foundation

In a partnership between the Luís Figo Foundation, the Eugénio Leite Foundation and the Benfica Foundation, an initiative took place last Saturday at the Estádio da Luz that brought together more than a hundred young people from various parts of the country who attended and participated in the Workshop “Nascemos equal, the same future, no matter where you start, never limit yourself”! At the invitation of the Luís Figo Foundation, a group of young people from the Caparica School Group on the professional course in the hotel industry were present, one of the themes of the workshops held, with transport being provided by the Almada City Council.

The afternoon ended with a visit to the Luz stadium and with several surprises happening.

This cycle of Workshops aims to provide training and capacity-building experiences for young people from more vulnerable contexts and who are in a transition phase towards independence.

The aim is to follow and monitor this journey.

The Union of Wills makes magical moments happen!

This was definitely one of them

See the photos here.

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