A Fundação Luís Figo Celebra 20 anos!

“Today is a very special day. My Foundation celebrates 20 years! The mission, vision and values ​​that underlie the work that we have been carrying out over these years in a meticulous, consistent and credible manner, have effectively contributed to creating opportunities and improving the living conditions of many children and young people who live in more vulnerable conditions. Being a reference as an entity that promotes cohesion and social integration, generating a positive social impact in the construction of a humanist society is a purpose that we want to continue to fulfill. To all who have accompanied us on this path, my most sincere thanks! We continue with great dedication and effort to perpetuate the legacy. I invite you to join us in the rewarding feeling of being in solidarity with the children and young people of the world, adding value to life. “

Luís Figo Foundation
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Fundação Luís Figo
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