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Universal Child Rights Day has been celebrated annually on November 20, since 1954, with the aim of promoting global awareness and international solidarity around the rights of the child.

The Declaration of the Rights of the Child is the result of an adaptation of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and indicates the following rights:

All children have the right to life and liberty.All children must be protected from domestic violence, human trafficking and child labour.
All children are equal and have the same rights, regardless of color, race, sex, religion, social origin or nationality.
All children must be protected by the family and society.
All children are entitled to a name and a nationality.
All children have the right to food, housing, recreation and medical care.
Children with disabilities, whether physical or mental, have the right to education and special care.
All children have the right to love, security and understanding from parents and society.
All children have the right to education.
All children have the right not to be verbally abused or abused by parents, grandparents, relatives, or even society.move on to the next

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