Recalling Children’s Day with the Luís Figo Foundation

Recalling Children’s Day with the Luís Figo Foundation

We are still reliving the joy and excitement of Children’s Day, celebrated with the Luís Figo Foundation on a memorable visit to the Lisbon Oceanarium. It was a magical day that will forever remain in our memories!

Children and young people from various institutions, including Associação Cova do Mar, Associação LifeShaker, Associação HipArtHop, Associação AdSumus, and Centro Comunitário do Laranjeiro, explored the wonders of the ocean.

The adventure began with the Atelier Planeta Oceano, where curiosity and learning met in every question and answer.

The journey continued with a visit to the aquarium, providing a direct encounter with the vast diversity of marine life. The exhibitions “Forests Underwater” and “The Sea, as You’ve Never Felt It” fascinated everyone with their beauty and mystery.

This event was not just a celebration but an educational experience that highlighted the positive impact of playful activities on the development and well-being of children and young people.

At the Luís Figo Foundation, we are dedicated to continuing to provide transformative experiences.

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