The 3rd cycle of FLF – Auchan thematic workshops continues

The 3rd cycle of FLF – Auchan thematic workshops continues, now on the topic of Sustainability in the field of food. Awareness of resources and combating food waste, thus touching on the issue of education for more conscious and sustainable consumption in a circular economy logic.
This time the institution that hosted this workshop was CERCISA.
They took part in group dynamics, a lively game of questions and answers and eating a cake made with reused bananas.
The session ended with participants literally putting their hands in the ground, with a vegetable planting activity.
At the end of the workshop, the Luís Figo Foundation offered each group the game FLF – Como, Como? – O Segredo da Pirâmide, a board game that, in a playful and fun way, teaches about healthy living habits, representing a practical tool for educating good food and nutrition, also promoting challenges and dynamics of physical activity.
For a broader, more equitable and active citizenship behavior that leads to better and greater social integration.

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